La nouvelle tendance du moment : Le earcuff

The new trend of the moment: The earcuff

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The new trend of the moment: The earcuff

It's not new, the earcuff was already present long before you were born.

Formerly this cartilage earring was worn by Indians and Egyptians. Then she saw herself associated with the punk universe for a long time.

Today this fake piercing is reinvented with a more glamorous, feminine, elegant look. From now on, this jewel can be found on the ears of models, stars, influencers and all fashion fans. This is the jewel of the moment!

What is the Earcuff?

Also called an "ear cuff" or "ear cuff", this faux piercing is a great addition to your earring collection. Often associated with the world of piercing, it is also worn at the cartilage level. But the earcuff is worn without even having to have your ears pierced. Even if you only have one hole in your ears or even zero, it will be perfect for you!

How to wear it?

There are as many earcuffs as there are ways to wear it.

Always sold individually and it's not for nothing. It is important not to ignore a very simple rule: Never wear two identical earcuffs at the same time. And yes, unlike traditional earrings worn in pairs, you will only wear your ear cuff on one side!

On the other hand, you are free to accumulate them, to wear several different ones, thin, wide, hanging, going up on the ear. This earring without hole allows you all the madness. It also stacks perfectly with your other earrings and piercings.

A tip: make yourself a pretty hairstyle that clears your ears to highlight your jewelry. A bun, a ponytail or any other hairstyle you like to do.

How to choose your earcuff?

There is no standard answer. Depending on your tastes, the jewelry with which you want to wear it, the times of the day you put it on. You will find discreet Earcuffs and other more daring ones.

Taking a shower/sleeping/swimming with an earcuff is it possible?

Earcuffs, like the rest of our jewelry, are water resistant. I still strongly advise you to remove it to avoid losing it. It could slip with the water.

To sleep, it is best to remove your earcuff. With the support of your head, it could hurt you. I advise you to take off all your jewelry to sleep. Perspiration and friction can damage your jewelry (especially those with fragile elements, such as flowers or pearls).

How do I properly position my earcuff so that it does not fall?

Our ear cuffs fit perfectly because we have worked on their support system. However, depending on the ears or even your habits, it is possible that it will fall if it is not put on correctly. The best place to wear it in my opinion is at the level of the conch (middle of the ear).

Like here with our Earcuff Yunna

For those who wish to better understand how to wear the earcuff, I explain the steps:

1 - Start from the highest and thinnest part of your ears to insert the earcuff. You can open it slightly, without going too hard, so as not to damage the shape of the earring.

2 - Then slide the jewel along your ear and choose where you want to wear it.

3 - Press it gently to tighten it if necessary

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