Avoid chemicals


Whatever the metal or the stone, chemical products have no use for our jewels and damage them very easily and quickly. We advise you to remove rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, as soon as you do the housework, the dishes, gardening or when you swim in the sea or in the swimming pool.

Exposing your jewelry to products used during these activities can only damage it.

But also, not to expose them to perfumes and cosmetics.

Good daily reflexes


Jewels are like us, they live at our pace and show signs of wear regardless of their composition. If you want to keep your jewelry as perfect as when it left the workshop, don't wear it (but that would be really sad and unfortunate).

However, although small daily scratches may appear, you can limit its ability to age by taking care of it. Here are our daily tips:

  • Take off your jewelry when you wash your hands.
  • Store your jewelry in their cases as soon as you are not wearing them.
  • Store your jewelry in boxes, bags, different cases during your travels. We also have the prettyMaëlan pouch made for this. It allows the jewels not to be in contact with each other and thus to damage each other.
  • From time to time, you can also repolish and/or rhodium your jewel to restore its initial shine by going to a jewelry store.

Silver Jewelry Care


Silver naturally tarnishes

It is inevitable, silver tarnishes over time, especially the silver used in jewelry (925 and 950).

There is no way to predict how long your silver jewelry will take to tarnish. This differs depending on several elements and the acidity of the skin of the person wearing the jewel.

Care instructions for your silver jewelry

Use a small chamois to clean your jewelry regularly. You can also use a commercially available silver cleaning product from time to time.