La tendance Climber

The Climber trend

What is a climbing earring?

Climbing earrings or climbers are earrings that go up along the lobe. They are mainly worn in the 1st hole and dress the whole ear without having to wear piercings in the 2nd or 3rd hole.

Why wear climbers?

If you've always dreamed of having several ear piercings like a rock star but you've never really been able to take the plunge (too afraid to go to the piercer), climbing earrings are for you .

The climbing earring completely covers the lobe for a very trendy style.

They are light and sophisticated.

What type of climbers to choose?

Although climbing earrings are daring jewellery, at Les Joyaux d'Auré we offer different models for all tastes. From the most daring to the most classic and discreet.

For girls looking for something ultra-modern and chic, you'll love the simplicity of our Celeste Climber Earrings . Their thin and discreet design makes them a perfect piece for women who are new to the climber earring.

To find a softer and more feminine style, we also offer Maëline earrings . These climbers are flowery and delicately colored in pastel colors.

I love the "accumulation" trend, is it possible with climbers?

Obviously ! If you already have several piercings, you can perfectly associate them with a pair of climbing earrings. Climbers are fabulous worn with an earcuff, and other piercings.

We have also created the Wave collection which offers the possibility of a perfect combination of piercings, earcuffs and climbers. We also made a mini climber to stack it with other earrings and piercings.

You can also wear a climber on one side and wear other piercings on the other side.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

What material are our climbers made of?

All our jewelry is made of 925 silver and gilded with fine 18ct gold, nickel-free, without risk of allergies. Our climbers are therefore ideal for sensitive ears.

The little extra thing: they are light, you will forget you are wearing them!

How to put on the climber?

Identify the right and left earring before putting them on.

1- Pass the rod of your climber through your hole, like a classic earring. You may need to spread the two branches slightly apart to get the lobe through.

2 - Raise the climber to the top of the ears by passing your lobe between the two branches.

3 - Adjust the climbing earring to your ear by gently pinching it so that it adapts perfectly to the size of your ears and above all that it holds well :)

If necessary, you can put a silicone clasp, which you will find on the market for a few cents. We recommend silicone because it is much more pleasant and adaptable to this kind of earrings.

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