Behind each jewel hides a story. Inspiration comes during a walk, in the shower, while having a drink on the terrace.

From an inspiration to a jewel with the founder Aurélia

The first inspirations come from our founder Aurélia. She imagines, draws, writes as soon as she has an idea. She then shares these ideas with the team and in particular with the designer to sort through this creative wave! The most complicated thing is to contain Aurélia's passion :)

The idea becomes clear

With the designer, we select Aurélia's ideas to go further in the creative process. We must now make the idea feasible from a technical point of view. Each stone, shape, has very specific rules to respect. Aurélia and the designer exchange very regularly with the workshop to discuss technical details.

The final drawing for the workshop

Once we agree on 99% of the drawing (sometimes there are last minute changes), we send it to the workshop to start creating! We indicate every detail to avoid any unpleasant surprises during production.

Place for artists

It is now the turn of the workshop to begin the confection. We work hand in hand with two workshops in the city of Yiwu in China with whom we have a great relationship. For 1 year, we tested several partners to find the best!

After receiving the drawing, the team prepares the mold and sends us a 3D digital version with specialized software. It's time to check the technical characteristics down to the smallest detail because afterwards, it will be too late.
After our validation, let's go, the team can start creating the jewelry.

The making

The first step is wax casting using high precision 3D printers.

Once this mold is ready, we fill it with 925 sterling silver which hardens quickly. We use this base to really avoid any risk of allergy.

Then, a meticulous hand work starts with the shaping . The plaster is removed from the mold very gently. At this moment, we have a first idea of ​​the jewel with its 925 Silver base.

The raw jewel is then ready to be polished and plated . This is one of the most important parts. The know-how of the workshop is essential so that the veneer does not move. We have chosen to opt for a thickness of 1 micron for plating. Many brands that we will not mention use a thickness of 0.05 micron, which is 20 times lower than our standards. Our margin is decreasing but customer satisfaction is at the top :)
For 18k plating, we use the most advanced technique (e-coating) to ensure a long life for the plating.

The last step now, we lay the stones by hand one by one with a high precision tool.

Once the jewels are ready, the team prepares them to send them to Chambéry directly!