La nacre : Ce matériau magnifique

Mother-of-pearl: This magnificent material

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1 - What is mother-of-pearl?

Mother-of-pearl is a mineral material found in the shells of molluscs. To work with mother-of-pearl, it is softened in hot water before being cut to give it the desired shape. It is also a delicate task that requires protection because mother-of-pearl would contain toxic elements that should not be breathed.

2 - Mother-of-pearl and jewelry

We more generally find a marriage of mother-of-pearl with white gold or silver. But at Les Joyaux d'Auré, we love mother-of-pearl with yellow gold and pink gold. These colors highlight the whiteness of mother-of-pearl even more.

Our flower is made of mother-of-pearl.

3 - The virtues and benefits of mother-of-pearl.

Mother-of-pearl evokes motherhood, maternal love, tenderness. This material would also have the ability to open the solar plexus chakras and would be beneficial for blood and lymphatic circulation.

4 - To whom to offer a jewel made of mother-of-pearl?

Certain astrological signs are associated with it: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer. It is therefore the perfect gift for people with this astrological sign, they will be all the more sensitive to the benefits of mother-of-pearl.

If you or your loved ones are going to celebrate your 42nd wedding anniversary, mother-of-pearl is for you. It represents the well-being and security that makes your couple a pearl.

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