Les colliers et pendentifs originaux qu'on adore

The original necklaces and pendants we love

What is a pendant?

The pendant is the small accessory worn on a chain around the neck. There are many different styles. It's one of women's favorite pieces.

What is a necklace?

A necklace is the set of the pendant and the chain. You can therefore simply offer yourself a pendant or just a chain. If you want a necklace you will have the pendant + the chain.

Necklaces and pendants are charming accessories.

Almost all women like to take care of themselves. They love jewelry to embellish them and be able to harmonize them with their outfits. This is why women often have a real collection.

Generally women love to wear discreet and elegant jewelry but also the original. To meet this growing demand, we create original and delicate jewelry. Elegant and refined pieces to be worn every day.

1 - Our necklaces

We have a necklace collection to enhance your chest and neck in no time.
- The Lila necklace: This necklace in the shape of a crown of flowers is the perfect companion for sunny days. The chain is sold with.

Click here to discover it (or on the photo)

This rounded necklace is perfect for round, oval or rectangle faces.

Lilac Necklace

- The Como necklace

This necklace takes up this floral look while being horizontal. It is suitable for all women. For women with generous shapes, it is a shape that we recommend.

Como Necklace

2 - Our pendants

We offer a range of original pendants to enhance your figure.

2in1 pendants. Indeed, it is possible to wear them as an earring as well. Like charms.

Discover our collection of pendants right here

- Bee pendant

Pendant / Charm Daphne

This bee-shaped pendant is a reminder of the importance of these little foragers in our ecosystem. This piece designed by Les Joyaux d'Auré is a unique piece in 925 silver, gilded with fine 18k gold and set with semi-precious stones.

A pendant to offer for Mother's Day or any other occasion.

- The pendant of friendship - Best friend

You are looking for an original necklace or pendant to offer to your sister, best friend, cousin. This pendant is a butterfly cut in half. Each of you will have a wing. This strong symbol that brings you together and makes you two a strong team. This pendant proudly displays the indescribable bond that brings you together. There is the right wing and the left wing. Click here to find out

Pendant / Charm Aeolus

- Flower crown pendant

We have two models of flower crown pendant. Set with semi-precious stones.

The Danae pendant and the Iliana pendant

These two pendants for women are flowery and elegant. The rounded shape of these pendants makes them original pieces.

Pendant / Charm Iliana Pendant / Charm Danae

- Butterfly pendant

Two models of butterfly pendants that suit everyone. From 7 to 77 years old, these butterfly pendants will be perfectly suited. Crafted in 925 silver and gilded with 18k Rose gold, these pendants are of excellent quality. Waterproof pendants for women.

Pendant / Charm Cassiopeia Pendant / Charm Maïa

These butterfly pendants are worn on a rose gold chain.

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