Quels bijoux porter en été ? La sélection Les Joyaux D’auré

What jewelry to wear in summer? The Jewels of Auré selection

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The sun and the heat are there ! Summer is coming very soon, it's time for us to offer you a selection of jewelry to wear in summer , whether at the beach, on a walk or for summer evenings.

All the jewels present in this selection are taken from our online store Les Joyaux d'Auré .

You can find them easily in the shop section

The selection of jewelry to wear this summer

1 - What to wear to the beach?

We start without further delay with the first selection of jewelry: Jewelry for the beach. This set is composed of:


We bet on a bohemian floral style with a refined and discreet adornment at the same time.
Please note, a little advice on caring for your jewelry , even if Les Joyaux d'Auré jewelry is water resistant , we advise you to remove your jewelry when swimming. They will keep their shine longer and you won't risk losing them in the water. Just bring a small box to keep them dry in your beach bag .

2 - What to wear on a walk?

For summer walks whether in town or in the countryside, we offer you an elegant set in shades of white and gold.

Earrings are new to the Intuition collection ! A pair of earrings that can be offered or purchased separately for women who have only one ear hole.

And for those who have several holes, the big trend at the moment: the accumulation of earrings .
On one ear, do not hesitate to accumulate 2 or even 3 mismatched earrings as is the case with the Naomie & Fleur earrings.
Hyper glamorous and trendy for all occasions!

This adornment can be worn with a pretty white dress and tanned skin and you will be ultra trendy this summer!

3- What to wear on summer evenings?

We end the summer selection with jewelry perfect for summer evenings. This time, we are betting on:

- The Salome earrings

- The como ring

- The Como necklace

The Salomé earrings are also part of the Intuition collection. These jewels match perfectly with a large number of outfits. For example, you can choose the little black dress that will bring out the jewelry or an ultra-trendy outfit, the blazer pants for a chic side.

The selection of Les Joyaux D'Auré jewelry for this summer is over, we hope you enjoyed it :)

Which selection do you prefer?

Tell us that in the comments!

See you soon

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