3 idées de looks et 5 conseils pour un mariage

3 look ideas and 5 tips for a wedding

Wedding season has officially begun! Spring and summer are very often favored by brides and grooms. In this article, we are going to give you 3 ideas for looks as a guest at a wedding . Each look will be paired with Les Joyaux d'Auré jewelry .

3 Look ideas for a wedding

1 - The bohemian chic look

The first look that we propose to you is composed of:
        • From the Daria dress by Berthie
        • Black heels available on Asos
        • Louane Les Joyaux d'Auré earrings
        • Necklace Côme Les Joyaux D'Auré
In recent years, the big trend in weddings has been the nature/bohemian theme . This look will suit this theme very well. The water-green Daria dress and Les Joyaux d'Auré bohemian accessories are the perfect match for outdoor ceremonies. The côme necklace will sublimate your neckline. To put the accent even more on the earrings, we advise you to make a hairstyle of the style bun styled / disheveled or a pretty braid . You will be chic and bohemian, without stealing the show from the bride!

2 - The floral look

A look that will suit a large number of weddings, the flowery look! This is composed of:
        • Danita dress from Grace & Mila
        • Beige heels to find on Asos
        • Hortense Les Joyaux d'Auré earrings
        • From the Lila Les Joyaux D'Auré ring
To make a reminder of the dress, we put everything on floral jewelry and in shades of pink . Whether you are tall or short, the Cameron dress will be ideal. Indeed, it arrives just a little below the knees which will allow you to sublimate your legs . To further slender the silhouette, we put on beige high heels . This color will blend with your skin which will highlight the dress and jewelry. For this outfit, we recommend a fairly simple hairstyle, with loose hair and pretty curls. You can also make just a small braid on one side to reveal the Hortense earrings .

3 - The chic and comfortable look

I am well aware that wearing 10 to 12 cm high heels for a whole day and evening is not to everyone's taste. We therefore offer you a chic, but comfortable outfit composed of:
        • Avril dress from Stella & Suzie
        • Gold flat sandals to be found on Asos
        • Iris earrings Les Joyaux D'Auré
        • From the Romy Les Joyaux D'Auré bracelet
The sandals are certainly flat, but remain very chic thanks to their golden color . The sandals will recall the jewelry with the pretty Iris earrings . The dress is short and flared which allows you to stay comfortable all day long. The gingham fabric, meanwhile, will give a chic side to the outfit. To complete the outfit, add the Romy Les Joyaux D'Auré bracelet.

5 tips to be comfortable throughout the marriage

To end this article, we want to give you some tips to be comfortable throughout the wedding, be it during the afternoon, the evening and the next day.

1 - Take two pairs of shoes

This advice may seem trivial, but there are many of us to forget! Wearing heels all day and all night can quickly become unbearable. So if you want to take advantage of this unique moment, don't forget the pair of flat sandals in the trunk of the car. So you can dance all night long without hurting your feet!

2 - Take a small handbag with a shoulder strap

So that you can have your laptop and your personal valuables with you, I advise you to opt for a small shoulder bag. It won't take up any space and you can have it with you all evening! No more reason to watch over your bag all evening and not enjoy the party.

3 - Bring a more comfortable outfit

If you are not comfortable in your dress for dancing, you can do like the bride and change at the start of the evening. Of course, we always stay on the wedding theme with a chic, but ultra comfortable outfit like a little mid-length flowing dress to be able to dance :)
And if you are staying there, you will also need an outfit for the next day. Why not a trouser suit, to be glamorous and comfortable, or a very pleasant midi skirt to wear.

4 - Bring a makeup bag (For the tears!)

A wedding is often a lot of emotions, and if you have not opted for Waterproof mascara, you will have to make small touch-ups during the day. The 4 essential products :
        • Make-up remover wipes (to remove traces of mascara)
        • Mascara (for touch-ups)
        • A mattifying powder (to mattify your complexion, especially during heat waves)
        • Lipstick (to touch up after eating)

5 - Don't forget the jewelry box Les Joyaux D'Auré

Finally, last tip: bring a jewelry case . At a wedding, we often go to bed late, 3am, 4am or even 5am and we tend to forget to take off our jewelry. Other people think of removing them, but no longer know where they are stored. To avoid losing them, we offer you a magnificent coral velvet jewelry box . You can put them back on the next day, or opt for other jewelry that you have specially chosen for the next day's meal.
The advantage of the looks on offer is that it will be very easy to wear the outfits and accessories for other occasions! We remain in an eco-responsible fashion approach with timeless pieces.
What is your favorite look? :)
See you soon,

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