Les tendances bijoux de l’année 2022-2023

The jewelry trends of the year 2022-2023

If the jewelry sector has been strongly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and the various confinements, the sector has been able to reinvent itself by offering more accessible and iconic collections. After two years of gloom, the year 2022 is experiencing and will experience new jewelry trends. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 5 latest jewelry trends for 2022-2023.

1- Bohemian/floral jewelry

Whether in necklaces, bracelets, earrings or even rings, bohemian and floral jewelry has been gaining popularity since the beginning of 2022. Their Stylight searches (a search engine that brings together the products of 1,200 shops) increased by more than 80%. This trend has become the star of spring and summer looks and will be perfect for back to school. We even spotted a few floral jewels in the famous series The Chronicle of the Bridgertons. This trend appeals thanks to ever more original, elegant and refined creations. Floral jewelry goes perfectly with classic outfits as well as more original outfits thanks to our range of yellow gold or rose gold jewelry. They will be able to attract more people!

Silver earrings for women. flower earring

2 - Natural stone jewelry

Jewelry with natural stones and pearls are more and more trendy in France in 2022. This trend is far from new in the fashion world, since natural stone jewelry has been worn for several years. We appreciate these jewels for their symbolism, their virtues, but also for their quality . Natural stones can bring well- being to those who wear them.

At Les Joyaux d'Auré, we have taken this trend into account by creating earrings in natural white freshwater pearls , a creation designed to bring purity and elegance . As always, we are committed to offering you jewelry that will last you for several seasons thanks to our quality materials: 925 Sterling Silver and 18-carat yellow gold finish - 1 micron.

3 - Cascading jewels or curated ears

A few years ago, we used to wear only one earring since for a large majority of women, we only have one hole. In 2022, the fashion is for cascading jewelry, that is to say, to wear earrings in accumulation . There is even talk of adding 2 or even 3 earrings plus a piercing and an ear cuff. This trend now has a name, it is called curated ears or the art of accumulating several earrings. The big stars like Chiara Ferragni, Scarlett Johansson have all adopted this new trend.

The accumulation of earrings brings the rock side to an outfit while remaining chic and glamorous . Don't worry, you don't have to pierce your ears a second and third time, there are more and more jewels that can be put on or simply hung on with small clips.

Of course, the trend of jewelry in accumulation is also in line with necklaces and rings.

4 - Ear cuff earrings

And yes, as mentioned above, there is no longer any need to have your ears pierced to adopt the curated ears look . Now there are ear cuff earrings . Also called ear rings or even ear cuffs are now making the buzz this year. There are different styles: deployed on the whole of the cartilage, in multiplication or more discreetly. Ear cuff earrings adapt to all styles from the most classic to the most original and rock. Plus, it's super easy to put on!
Les Joyaux D'Auré is also embarking on this trend by offering you different styles of ear cuffs!

5 - Mismatched earrings

Finally, the last trend that we have spotted is the fashion for the mismatched. If a few years ago it was unthinkable not to wear the same two earrings, today it is something else entirely!
The trend is to wear different earrings for a more glamorous and chic look. Many brands even offer single earring purchases rather than pair purchases . So if you've lost an earring, you can still wear the remaining earring. You will be ultra trendy and in the theme of the year 2022!

You now have the 5 jewelry trends of the year 2022-2023!
See you soon,
The Aure team

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