Les soldes chez Les Joyaux D’auré

Sales at Les Joyaux D'auré

On June 22, the summer sales period began , stretching over 4 weeks, that is to say until July 19. If a few years ago the sales periods knew a real craze , this is no longer the case today. We consumers have become aware that it was above all a period of high over - consumption .

Beyond that, many brands now offer discounts throughout the year, which also leads to lower sales during the winter or summer sales . But you are going to tell me, why at Les Joyaux D'Auré we continue to offer you discounts during the sales?

In this article, we tell you everything!

Les Joyaux D'auré Sales: Why this choice?

The Les Joyaux D'Auré brand was created in 2019 by Aurélia and her partner Benjamin. Our goal is simple, to offer you unique, original jewelry that does not respect any traditional jewelry code. But, of course, when you're a young company, we constantly have to launch new products to appeal to a greater number of people while selling off our stocks of previous collections. Here are our 3 main reasons that lead us to continue the sales periods.

Our 3 good reasons

1. To dispose of our stocks

We offer winter and summer sales to first sell our stocks. If we want to continue to imagine and create new jewelry on a regular basis, we need cash on the one hand, and low inventory on the other. Too much inventory is expensive for a company, to put it simply, it's sleeping money.

At Christmas, for example, we tend to produce more to have a maximum of stocks. Nevertheless, some jewels sell better than others and we sometimes end up with too much stock on a selection of products. You can then find our jewels on sale, which allows you to have a cheaper jewel and, on our side, to sell our stock more quickly.

2 - Make room for novelties

Following the flow of our stock during the sales, we can thus make new products and then offer them to you on our site Les Joyaux D'Auré. Moreover, if you want to help us imagine our future jewelry, I invite you to join our Facebook page called “ Les Joyaux D'Auré, jewelry creations ”. This page aims to show you behind the scenes of the creations. I reveal to you the first sketches, the first ideas then, we move forward together to bring out the perfect jewel. Do not hesitate to give us your ideas!

3 - Hit more

Sales periods are also the ideal time to offer more attractive prices and thus be adapted to a greater number of portfolios. Rising prices affect us all. At Les Joyaux D'Auré, it is particularly the increase in materials that affects us. Mother-of-pearl flowers, stones, labor are exploding, but we continue to charge fair prices. Sales are also there to please you or someone for less. For example, you can take advantage of it for an early birthday present or even Christmas!

And over - consumption?

Today, when we talk about sales, we immediately think of over - consumption . It is true that we can all try to change things by consuming better. Consuming better goes through the choice of materials, brands, short circuit, etc. For our part, Les Joyaux D'Auré is committed to offering you quality jewelery in 925 Sterling Silver (mention affixed to all of our jewellery) and in 18k 1 micron gold plating .
Our goal is that you can wear your jewelry for several years and thus avoid over - consumption. And if you get tired of your jewelry, we invite you to sell your jewelry to give it a second life !
So if you want to take advantage of our sales , you still have a few days left! :)
See you soon in a new article,

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