Oreilles sensibles : Allergies, rougeurs. Que faire ?

Sensitive ears: Allergies, redness. What to do ?

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sensitive ears

Do your ears hurt when you wear jewelry? Are you allergic to certain metals?
You despair at the thought of not being able to wear anything. We will help you stay trendy and flirtatious despite your sensitive ears.

What are earring allergies?

You have a collection of earrings and piercings in your jewelry box that you don't dare to take out because they cause you an allergic reaction: redness, irritation, itching and so on.

The allergy to earrings is easily recognizable: Redness of the skin at the level of the hole, whether in the lobe or in the cartilage, burning sensation, itching that you feel shortly after putting on your earrings or piercings.

Generally this type of reaction happens when the jewel contains nickel. It is also a material prohibited in jewelry, but some still do not care... It is however framed by the French state.

Other metals, however, can cause skin allergies in some people. Gold and silver, although reputed to be anti-allergens, can be the cause. Luckily this is rare!

You may also be allergic to copper and bronze, which are materials used in jewelry metal mixtures.

At Les Joyaux d'Auré , the risk is extremely low since we use 925 silver and gold for the gilding, for all our jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ear cuffs), ALL , except piercings. Indeed, the cartilage is much more sensitive than the lobe, which is why the rods of our piercings are made of 316L stainless surgical steel . This is the best material to use to avoid any risk of piercing allergies. Our jewelry is therefore perfect for sensitive ears :)

How to prevent an ear allergy?

Until you try on earrings you won't be able to tell whether or not you are allergic. On the other hand, if after a few hours/days you feel burning in your hole and/or your ears are very red, you probably have an allergy.

It is therefore necessary to change earrings and of course find another material.

To know: If you are allergic to silver but the jewel you dream of wearing is covered in gold (gold plated or gilded with fine gold) you will not feel any pain. The material in contact with your skin will be gold, so you won't have any problems!

A possible trick in case of allergy: You can cover the stem and the parts of the jewel that are in contact with your skin, with a thin layer of colorless nail polish. Remember, however, to renew the operation regularly because the varnish can leave after a few days.

I strongly advise you to wear solid 925 silver or gold, unless you are allergic to one of these two materials and in this case to turn to stainless steel or titanium (which we use for piercings).

2nd tip: Clean the stems of your jewelry with cotton and alcohol that you will find in pharmacies. Also carefully store your little precious ones in a jewelry box

How to take care of your ears in case of allergy

1- Remove your jewelry

2 - Apply cold to calm the pain or burning sensation.

3 - Clean with disinfectant

4 - In case of excessive allergies, go to the pharmacy

See you soon !

The Jewels of Auré team

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