Colorimétrie - Quelles couleurs pour moi ?

Colorimetry - Which colors for me?

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It is not easy to know the colors that suit us best depending on the color of your skin, your eyes or your hair.

We often wonder if the yellow will go with the color of our hair or if the red will go well with the color of our eyes.

When we finally find the perfect colors, our face is radiant, our imperfections erased and they can even make us look younger!

The result of colorimetry is therefore its exceptional effect on morale and self-confidence.

What is colorimetry?

Colorimetry is the study of color and the measurement of the sensations it causes in humans. This interdisciplinary science is used in many fields, including art, advertising, printing, fashion, the paint and interior design industry.

One of the main tools of colorimetry is the spectrophotometer, which measures the reflection of light on a color sample. The visible spectrum is divided into three primary colors - red, green and blue - and three secondary colors - yellow, cyan and magenta. By combining different amounts of these primary and secondary colors, any color can be obtained.

Colorimetry is also a technique used in fashion to determine which colors are best for a person based on their skin tone, hair and eyes. Using tools such as a color wheel, an image consultant can help a person find the colors of clothing that will highlight their features and make them look good.

In addition to these practical applications, colorimetry is also a fascinating subject for artists and designers, who use the principles of color to create visually appealing works of art and products.

In short, colorimetry is an important and fascinating field that plays a crucial role in many aspects of our daily lives.

How do we know which color suits us?

To find out which color suits you, there are several ways to proceed:

You can go to a professional image consultant who will help you determine which colors are best for you using color matching tools.

You can also use online tools, such as quizzes or colorimetric tests, which will help you determine your type of complexion and the colors that suit you best.

Finally, you can also use your own judgment and try different colors to see which ones look best on you. Wear clothes in colors you like and see how they fit and how they make you feel. If you feel good in a color, it probably looks good on you.

What colors for my complexion?

It's hard to say which color will suit your skin tone best without knowing more about your skin type, hair, and eyes. In general, here are some colors that work well for different types of skin tones:

For people with fair complexions, soft, pastel colors, such as pink, pale blue, and pale green, can enhance their complexion and make them look good.

For people with medium skin tone, warm, bright colors, like yellow, orange, and red, can make them look radiant.

For people with dark complexions, bright and intense colors, such as royal blue, dark green and purple, can highlight their complexion and give them a glow.

It is important to keep in mind that these suggestions are only generalities.

Colorimetry test

At first, to determine if it is rather warm colors or cold colors that suit you, you can bring two shiny fabrics. A gold fabric and a silver fabric or a bright orange and an intense pink.


1 - Position the first fabric close to your face, observe your reflection. Then position the second fabric and do the same.

2 - Does your face look clearer / brighter or grayer / duller?

3 - Does color rejuvenate you? Are your dark circles accentuated?

Take the time to take a good look at each part of your face.

Colorimetry and jewelry

Colorimetry can also be used to help people choose jewelry that suits their skin tone. Human skin color varies greatly from person to person, ranging from light skin tones to dark skin tones, and skin tones in between.

In general, people tend to wear jewelry that enhances their skin tone rather than making it stand out in an unpleasant way. For example, people with fair skin can wear gold or silver jewelry that contrasts with their complexion, while people with dark skin can wear rose gold or platinum jewelry to add softness to their complexion.

Ultimately, the choice of jewelry depends on many factors, including skin color, the clothes one wears, and personal taste. It is important to take the time to choose jewelry that highlights the color of the skin and is in harmony with the rest of the outfit. But finding the best way to choose jewelry that suits your skin tone is to do some trial and error, and find what works best for you.

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