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What is a climbing earring?

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Climbing earring

What is a climbing earring?

Climbing earrings are earrings that go up along the ear. No need to have multiple ear holes to wear them. A single hole is enough to dress the ear almost entirely.

Why fall for a climbing earring?

These are original and very trendy earrings. They have also been widely adopted by influencers and models on the catwalks.

For those who want to create an "accumulation of ear jewelry" look but only have one hole in their ears, the climbing earring is ideal.

Wear it with an ear cuff to finish your style.

Climbing earring

How to wear climbing earrings?

As its name suggests, the climbing earring goes up along the ear like a hairpin. No need for a clasp, it adapts to the morphology of your ear.

Simply pinch the buckle to adjust it perfectly. If your loop really falls, you can perfectly adopt a small silicone clasp (more pleasant and adapted).

climbing earring. Climber Ear

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