Boucle d'oreille chaine - Comment la porter ?

Chain earring - How to wear it?

What is a chain earring?

This is an earring with a chain connecting two parts of the loop. Usually end caps or rings. It gives an effect of movement and can add a touch of sophistication to an outfit. The chain earrings at Les Joyaux d'Auré feature natural pearls or mother-of-pearl flowers.

The chain can be longer or shorter in size and hang from the ears, which is both sexy and elegant.

When and how to wear a chain earring?

The chain earring can be worn at any time. Whether it's for quotient to bring a colorful or original and elegant touch, or to enhance a party outfit. Chain earrings can be worn in pairs or asymmetrically . A chain earring on one ear and a chip on the other side for example.

To bring color to your outfit choose a pair of chain earrings with pearls . They will bring a lot of style to a simple outfit like a little black dress.

What type of chain earrings are there?

You can find 2-hole earrings for people who have two holes in their ear. We also offer chains for a single hole and there are also chain through earrings.

To discover our entire collection of chain earrings, go here

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