Passionate about fashion and jewelry since always, it was while strolling with Benjamin in department stores and jewelry stores that we noticed how the brands always offered the same models without originality and personality . And also very expensive ...
I, like you, have always taken my time before offering myself a jewel or even I admit it, waiting for Christmas or my birthday to dare to crack or have it offered to me. The worst part of all this is that I spent months before finding a model that was out of the ordinary and of good quality .
I love jewelry so much that I love giving it to my friends, they love it :)
That's why I embarked on this adventure. The adventure of entrepreneurship in order to unearth surprising marvels , which cannot be found in the usual shops, for all women who, like you , are totally addicted to jewellery .
At Les Joyaux d'Auré, the team selects jewelry that you simply don't see elsewhere .
In addition to originality , we aim to offer them at a reasonable price for a "coup de coeur" budget as we like to call them. From now on, you no longer need to wait 6 months before treating yourself or a loved one. (or both is even better!).
All our jewels are nicely packaged in their dedicated case that we have designed. (A pretty black velvet pouch or a small black box depending on the jewel :) )
Our motto: To make you happy by ensuring that the chosen piece of jewelery fits you perfectly once worn. Your smile is our motivation!
Love and kindness is our watchword. That's why our team does everything possible to help you when you need it.
We and our company are based in Tallinn, Estonia. We fell in love with this pretty medieval town strewn by the sea. A peaceful town where life is good.