Les dessous des Joyaux d'Auré - Création bijoux

The underside of the Jewels of Auré - Jewelry creation

Creation at Les Joyaux d'Auré

All our jewelry is designed and made by our team. There are often good surprises once the jewel is finished, but sometimes there are big disappointments.

The creation of jewelry and its failures

Today, I want to talk about the failure of a piece that was going to revolutionize the market, just that! (haha)


A climbing earring that ends in the "middle" of the ear with an ear cuff. I show you the drawings, it will be more explicit.

A jewel loved by customers

I was so happy to create this piece. And I had never seen this kind of creations elsewhere (There may have been a reason!)
The girls loved the idea. 
I launched the creation of this piece. And 1-2 months later, the sample was finally finished.
Each time, I have this feeling in my stomach that I love. Like when you receive a package that you've been waiting for for several days. 
I find the piece magnificent, I can already imagine the girls wearing this creation.

The disappointment of a jewel that we love

But when you try, you realize that it is super complicated to put on. Depending on the size/shape of the ear, it is sometimes not possible to put it on.
On the photos below, we see the example where the piece is too big and it does not go along the ear as I had imagined.

So I have to give up the idea. It hurts the heart, but that's the game. Impossible to offer several sizes. Choosing between an S or L earring, not easy!
This sample will therefore remain a unique piece forever.

ps: If you would like to treat yourself to this unique piece, I invite you to contact us directly by email at hello@lesjoyauxdaure.fr or by pm on facebook/instagram (non-refundable, non-exchangeable piece).

See you soon :)

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